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Hi, I'm Lachlan 

I have Cerebral Palsy.

I have been accepted to receive a life-changing operation in the USA and I need your help.

About Me

Who am I?

My name is Lachlan and I am 10 years old.  I have cerebral palsy, but that doesn’t stop me living my life to the full.  I am just like any other boy except I don't walk.  I have a younger brother, William, a dog called Coco and some really great friends.


My Story

I was born at about 3am on Wednesday 7th September 2011.  It was a big surprise to mum and dad as I arrived at 27 weeks (3 months premature), weighing 1228grams.  I had to spend 91 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Special Care Unit, before being allowed home.



My Cerebral Palsy

Soon after I was born the doctors said that I have cerebral palsy (CP). It affects my legs, mostly, but I also have some difficulties with my hands and processing information. I have already had multiple botox injections and an operation on my eyes, which have made things better. I use a wheelchair for getting around. I do lots of different therapies and activities to maintain my function. I want to join in more with my friends and this is the reason why my parents are trying to raise $50,000 for an operation in the USA. It will help me with my standing, walking and prevent pain and problems with my hips and knees.  



In 2022, we are fundraising so that I can get a surgery in the USA. This operation will help me stand and walk. It is called SPML (more about SPML HERE). A few of my friends that have CP have gone to get this operation already and it has changed their lives. I hope it will change my life too!


I am just a pretty normal, happy, funny 10 year old and I have big dreams.

One of them is to walk!


All donations help to fund my surgery and post-operative therapy to help me achieve my dreams.



I Need Your Support Today!

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